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CouponCampaign nameActive statusCountriesAdset name
3R513attaractiveEGY10% off
3RDKuwaactiveSAU, ARE, BHR, KWT, OMN, QAT30% off
A0FLAmerican Eagle GCCactive 8% on all items
A17GUESSactiveARE, SAU, KWT10%
A29GapactiveARE, SAU, KWT10%
A2931West ElmactiveARE, SAU, KWT5% Off Everything
A49Jar Oudactive 10
A98Yallamarketactive 20% off
AA31Mamas & PapasactiveSAU, KWT, ARE, BHR, QAT, OMN10% off applied to all countries
AA99Saramartactive GCC 15% off, up to 25SAR
AD89Modanisaactive 10%
AE2AzadeaactiveARE, KWT, QAT, LBN10%
AL1TAmerican Eagle EGYactiveARE, SAU, KWT15%
AUZY8Mother Care GCCactive 5% Off
AY96Sivviactive 20%
B150Fashion.saactive Special Codes
B50Oudyactive 10
B73DropkicksactiveARE, SAU, KWT5% at AED/SAR 100
B9RitualsactiveARE, KWT, QAT, SAU10%
B98Under ArmouractiveSAU, ARE15%
BB274Izil Beautyactive 5%
BF14Carina wearactiveEGY15%
BF30DailyMealzactive 15%
BF80FirstCryactiveARE, SAU, OMN10% off excluding the exclusion list
BG568StyliactiveARE, SAU, KWT, BHR10%
BL24Brands For LessactiveARE, SAU, OMN5% (Max 25 AED/SAR)
BN21Brantu EgyptactiveEGY20% Off (Min Spend 199 EGP)
BS1Saramartactive GCC 15% off, up to 25SAR
BT8490B TechactiveEGYb Tech
C222Noon FoodactiveARE52% New User/ 5% Existing User
C26Bloomingdalesactive 10%
CH62CHIC HOMZactiveEGYchic homz
CR91CrocsactiveARE, SAU, QAT, BHR, OMN10%
D21Zohoor Al Reefactive 10%
D27Sun & Sands SportsactiveARE, SAU, KWT10%
D59CitrussTVactiveARE, SAU, IRQ, OMN, BHR, KWT, QATFlat 30 AED/SAR off
DC14Apotheca BeautyactiveKWT, ARE10%
E889Joi Giftsactive 10%
ENJYDanube Homeactive 5% On All Products All Countries
EUS83Saramartactive EU 20% off up to 5€
F172FILAactiveARE12% Discount
FD30Careem FoodactiveARE, SAU50% off upto 20 AED/SAR
FF67Fit freakactiveEGY10%
FF71Fit freakactiveEGY10%
FREEAl- Saif Galleryactive 2%
H57Homes R UsactiveARE10%
H89Anotahactive 10%
HALA4Dragonmartactive 5% up to 150 AED
J48Just Cleanactive 55% off no maximum
K32KuwaactiveSAU, ARE, BHR, KWT, OMN, QAT30% off
KB30For HeractiveSAU10%
KSALacosteactive 10% Full Price 5% Discounted
M47Saramartactive 10%
MT9MitchaactiveEGY15% off on all products
P26Ferns n PetalsactiveARE, SAU, QAT12%
PT40EL Coach AppactiveSAU50% 3 Months\80% 1 Year
R16Fordealactive Missing codes
RN23R&B FashionactiveARE, SAU, KWT, BHR, OMN, QAT15% Generic
RV89RivolishopactiveARE, BHR, QAT, OMN10%
S12Oud Milanoactive 5% off
S32Swiss ArabianactiveARE15% Full Price
S65R&B FashionactiveARE, SAU, KWT, BHR, OMN, QAT15% Generic
SA21Lebscomactive 5%
ST276th Streetactive 10%
T16ASQStoreactive 5%
T71TripxoxoactiveARE10 AED off
T922BactiveEGY5% Up to 100 EGP
TN252Ounassactive 5%
V47NowNowactiveARE5% Up to AED10 Min Spend AED20
V65Level ShoesactiveARE, SAU, KWT, OMN, BHR, QAT, USA, AUS, GBR, CHN10%
WE4Namshiactive 20%
WICVogaclosetactive upto 80% discount
Y45FeelUniqueactiveARE, SAU, KWT10%
Y8OVPottery BarnactiveSAUFree Delivery
YAY164RivaactiveSAU, KWT, ARE, QAT, BHR10% off Discount
YN5Noon EgyptactiveEGY10% MarketPlace-5% On Grocery
YWUAPottery BarnactiveSAUFree Delivery
Z18GapactiveARE, SAU, KWT10%